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FTO conductive glass, coated substrate

FTO conductive glass, coated substrate


Product Name:

 FTO coated glass, FTO conductive glass substrate

Standard Size

(Length × width):

1"x1"x2.2mm, 1"x3"x2.2mm , 100x100x2.2 mm

(Or specific size, according to customer's requirements)

Standard Thickness:

1.1 mm and 2.2mm 

Resistivity :

 7-10ohm/sq, 6-8ohm/sq, 12-14ohm/sq, 58-72ohm/sq






FTO glass is widely used in new technologies such as solar cells, biological experiments, electrochemical experiments (for electrodes), and universities and colleges;



FTO conductive glass(FTO coated glass) has been developed and used as a replacement for ITO conductive glass, It can be widely used in LCD panels, photocatalysis, thin film solar cell substrates, and some Fields such as electrochromic glass. 
Recently, with the breakthrough progress of perovskite solar cells, FTO conductive glass has become the best transparent electrode material for perovskite solar cells due to its excellent high temperature resistance.


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