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Si3N4 ceramic substrate/plate

Si3N4 ceramic substrate/plate


Silicon Nitride ceramic substrate

Molecular formula


Relative molecular mass



Gray and Gray-black


Hexagonal system


3.44 g/cm3

Mohs hardness


Melting point

1900 ℃ (under pressure).

Specific heat

0.71J/ (g.K)

Thermal conductivity

16.7W/ (m.K)

Modulus of elasticity


Compressive strength

490MPa (reaction sintering)


Insoluble in water. Soluble in hydrofluoric acid.

Oxidation temperature

The oxidation temperature is 1300~1400℃ in the air


The strength of Silicon nitride(Si3N4) ceramic substrate is very high, especially hot pressed Silicon nitride, which is one of the hardest substances in the world. It is extremely resistant to high temperatures, its strength can be maintained to a high temperature of 1200 °C without falling, it will not melt into a melt after heating, it will decompose until 1900 °C, and Si3N4 ceramic substrate has amazing chemical resistance and can withstand almost all inorganic acids  and less than 30% caustic soda solution. It can also withstand the corrosion of many organic acids; it is also a high-performance electrical insulation material. Silicon nitride ceramics can be used as gas turbine combustion chambers, mechanical seal rings, the pipes and valves for electromagnetic pumps that transport aluminum liquid, permanent molds, and steel water separation rings.


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