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TGG substrate

TGG substrate



The main performance parameters

Molecular Formula

Tb Three Ga Five O Twelve

Lattice Constant

A=12.355 - A

Growth method

Czochralski method

Melting Point (°c)

1725 °c

Density (g/cm-3 )

Seven point one three


8 (Mohs)

Refractive index

1.954 at 1064nm

Verdet constant

0.12min/O E. Cm at1064nm

TGG Standard Specification

Crystal Orientation


Wavefront distortion

<1/8 wave total (633nm measurement)

Extinction ratio


Size tolerance



0.13MM (+0.00mm, -0.08mm) at 45° ~ + 5°

Crystal processing index


<1/10 wave at 633nm


<1 minutes of arc


<1 degree


100 class clean bag, 1000 class clean room

Standard Size

Dia30, 10x10, 5x5,3x3mm



Terbium Gallium Garne(TGG) single crystal with large magnetic-optical constants, low loss, high thermal conductivity and high laser damage value, widely used in YAG, Ti-doped sapphire, multi-stage amplification, Annular, seed injected laser. 


TGG single crystal is the best magneto-optical material for Faraday rotators and isolators. The suitable wavelengths are between 400-1100nm (excluding 470nm-500nm).  The Faraday rotator consists of a TGG ingot and a specially designed magnet. The polarization direction of the beam passing through the magneto-optical material will deflect under the action of a magnetic field,

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