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ZnO substrate

ZnO substrate


Major capability parameter
Crystal structure
Hexagonal system
Lattice constant
a=3.252Å    c=5.313 Å
Melt point
Thermal expansion
6.5 x 10-6 /℃//a     3.7 x 10-6 /℃//c
Heat capacity
0.125 cal /g.m
Thermoelectric constant
1200 mv/k @ 300 ℃
Thermal conductivity
0.006 cal/cm/k
Penetration range
0.4-0.6 um > 50% at 2mm
Crystal orientation
<0001>, <11-20>, <10-10>±0.5º
Standard Size(mm)
special size and orientation are available upon request
Surface roughness
Single or double side polished
100 clean bag,1000 exactly clean bag

ZnO substrate. Zinc oxide (ZnO) is a good GaN films substrate material, has 60mev exciton binding energy and 3.73ev bandwidth at room temperature, making it be the UV and visible light-emitting materials.

Meanwhile, since having a transparent visible region and large electromechanical coupling coefficient, to make the gas molecules adsorbed on its surface. There is hope to be widely use in high peak energy of energy limiter devices, large-diameter high-quality GaN substrate, wireless communication outside 5GHz in the future, High-temperature high-energy electronic devices, High electric equipment and other aspects.


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