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Silicon (Si) single crystal

Silicon (Si) single crystal


Major capability parameter
Growth method Czochralski(CZ), floating zone(FZ)
Crystal structure Cubic
Band gap 1.12 eV 
Density 2.4 g/cm3
Melting point 1420℃
Dopant type Undoped Boron-doped Phos-doped / As-doped
ConductiveType Intrinsic P-type N-type
Resistivity >1000 Ωcm 0.001~100 Ωcm 0.001~100 Ωcm
EPD <100 /cm2 <100/cm2 <100/cm2
Oxygen content ≤1x1018 /cm3
Carbon content ≤5x1016 /cm3
Standard Size 5x5mm, 10x5mm, 10x10mm, 15x15mm, 20x15mm, 20x20mm
φ2”x0.28mm, φ3” x 0.38mm, φ4” x 0.5mm, φ6” x 0.625mm, φ8” x 0.725mm, 10x10mm
Thickness 0.1mm, 0.28mm, 0.5mm, 1.0mm or others
Polishing Single side polished or Double side polished
Crystal orientation <100>, <110>, <111> ±0.5º or other off-angle
Surface roughness Ra≤5Å(5µmx5µm)
Packing 100 clean bag,1000 exactly clean bag

We supply Silicon  (Si)  single crystal ,  Silicon semiconductor crystals material.  used as semiconductor materials, high-power transistors, rectifiers, solar cells.  Welcome to order various sizes and specifications of Silicon single crystal.

Our Silicon single crystal is growth by the methods of Czochralski (CZ) and Floating Zone (FZ), and epitaxial method. The Czochralski method Silicon single crystal is mainly used for a semiconductor integrated circuit, a diode, epitaxial wafer, and solar cell.


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