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Gold sputtering target

Gold sputtering target

Material Purity Type Standard size Copper back board
Gold(Au) target 99.9%
Polycrystalline (Metal) φ3” x 1/4”mm
φ76.2 x 6.35mm
φ50.8 x 2.0mm
φ25.4 x 6.35mm
(Can be 2mm, 3mm thick)

Sputtering targets is for thin film coating and mainly used in the electronics and information industries, such as integrated circuits, information storage, liquid crystal displays, laser memories, electronic control devices, etc .; they can also be used in the field of glass coating; they can also be used in wear-resistant materials, high temperature and corrosion , High-end decorative supplies and other industries.
Various types of sputtering target materials have been widely used in semiconductor integrated circuits, solar photovoltaics, recording media, flat displays, and surface coatings of workpieces.
We can provide compound ceramic targets, alloy targets and high-purity metal targets. We can customize Gold(Au)  sputtering target with various sizes and thicknesses according to customer requirements.

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