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Fused Silica glass wafer/plate

Fused Silica glass wafer/plate

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  Fused Silica Quartz (SiO2) glass

Chemical Formula


UV Grade


Standard Size

Dia4"(100mm), Dia2"(50.8mm), 10x10mm

Standard Thickness

0.5mm, 1.0mm, 3.0mm, 6.0mm

Fine ground, Single side polished, Both side polished

Surface Roughness

Epi-polished: Ra<5Å (0.5nm)
Optical polished: 60/40




Fused Silica glass is excellent and widely used in new lighting sources, also used in the manufacture of modern light sources such as xenon lamps, pulse lamps, atomic spectrum lamps;
Fused Silica Quartz glass is composed of pure SiO2 and is an indispensable high-purity material for the electronics industry. As a crucible for the production of silicon single crystals, diffusion tubes and instrumentation for the manufacture of integrated circuits are made of quartz glass; Fused Silica Quartz (SiO2) glass has a very low spectral loss and is the leading material for the manufacture of optical fibers; Quartz glass has a wide transmission range from ultraviolet to infrared, and is resistant to rapid cooling and rapid heat. It is an irreplaceable optical material for aerospace.
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