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AZO conductive glass, coated substrate

AZO conductive glass, coated substrate


Product Name:

 AZO conductive glass substrate, AZO coated glass

Standard Size

(Length × width):

 355mm x 406mm x3.2mm, 355mm x 406mm
 200mm x200mm x3.2mm, 200mm x200mm x2.0mm

(Or specific size, according to customer's requirements)

Standard Thickness:

1.8 mm, and 3.2mm 

Resistivity :

 <10 ohm/sq




AZO conductive glass is widely used in new technologies such as solar cells, biological experiments, electrochemical tests, and high-tech university laboratories.


AZO conductive glass is the aluminum-doped zinc oxide transparent conductive glass, which doped Al in ZnO system to obtain ZnO:Al transparent conductive film, which is now widely used in flat panel displays and thin film solar cells.
The conductivity of the AZO film is greatly improved after doping, and the stability in hydrogen plasma is better than ITO; at the same time, it can have the photoelectric properties compared with  ITO conductive glass.  In the preparation process, the element resources are richer than In elements and it's non-toxic, gradually become a substitute for ITO film.



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