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ITO coated PEN film

ITO coated PEN film

Product Name:

 ITO coated PEN film, ITO PEN film

Other Names:

 ITO coated PEN flexible film, Indium Tin Oxide coated PEN film, ITO coated PEN film, ITO coated PEN flexible substrate, 

Standard Size
(Length x width):

300 x 300mm, 300 x 100mm, 20 x 15 mm, 25.4 x 25.4 mm, 50 x 50 mm, 300 x 300 mm
(Or specific size, according to customer's requirements)

Standard Thickness:

0.125mm, 0.05mm


6~8 ohm/sq, 30~40 ohm/sq, 60~80 ohm/sq or others


>80%, >82%, >86%

Glass substrate

Polyethylene naphthalate (PEN)

Etching pattern:

None or Upon requirements

 Resistance Temperature:

ITO-PEt film can resistance 80-120℃
ITO-PEn film can resistance 150-200℃
ITO coated transparent Polyimide(PI) film, can resistan ~200℃

We can supply the ITO coated PEN film or the Patterned (Etched) ITO coated PEN film upon requirements, 

Product Name Thickness Resistance ITO thin film Transmittance Standard Size  
ITO coated PEN 0.125mm 6~8 ohm/sq
30~40 ohm/sq
185 nm
55 nm
10 x10mm
25 x25mm
1” x1”mm
50 x50mm
25 x75mm
1” x3”mm

 Or others
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0.05mm 6~8 ohm/sq
60~80 ohm/sq
185 nm
23 nm

ITO-PEN is Indium Tin Oxide(ITO) coated on PEN(Polyethylene naphthalate) flexible substrate, High-resistance ITO coated PEN conductive film is mainly used in the production of touch screens in the field of mobile communications. The low-resistance ITO coated PEN conductive film can be used in areas with high requirements for conductivity, such as transparent electrodes for thin-film solar cells, electrode materials for electrochromic devices, and thin-film switches.

The chemical structure of PEN is similar to PET. Compared with PET, PEN has higher physical and mechanical properties, gas barrier properties, chemical stability, heat resistance, UV resistance and radiation resistance. The temperature resistance of ITO coated-PET is 120 ℃, howevery ITO coated PEN can be used for a long time at 160 ℃. But PEN is much more expensive than PET, which greatly limits the use of PEN.

Features of PEN (Compared with PET):

① Higher barrier properties. PEN is 3-5 times more resistant to moisture, oxygen and carbon dioxide than PET.
②  PEN has higher chemical stability
③ Higher temperature resistance. The long-term use temperature of PET is 120 °C, while PEN is 160 °C. 
④ PEN has better UV blocking performance. PEN can blocks UV rays below 380nm
⑤ The mechanical properties of PEN are 50% higher in both Young's modulus and tensile elastic modulus than PET. And more stable mechanical properties

We can customize different size and etching pattern of ITO coated PET film according to requirements,
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