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GaN on Sapphire wafer

GaN on Sapphire wafer

Standard specifications

Product Name: GaN thin film on Sapphire wafer
Dopant and Conductivity: N-type/Si-doped N-type/Undoped P-type/Mg-doped
Orientation: C-plane, <0001>
Standard Size: Diameter 2"(50.8mm),
Diameter 4"(100mm)
Standard Thickness: 430um, 650um
GaN thin film: 4.5um, 20um 4.5um, 20um 4.5um, 20um
Resistivity(300K): <0.05 ohm-cm, <0.5 ohm-cm <10 ohm-cm
Carrier Concentration: > 1x10E18 /cm3 < 5x10E17 /cm3 > 6x10E16 /cm3
Mobility: ~ 200 cm2/V•s ~ 300 cm2/V•s ~ 10 cm2/V•s
Dislocation density: <5x10E8 cm-2 <5x10E8 /cm2 <5x10E8 cm-2
Substrate GaN on Sapphire substrate GaN on Sapphire substrate GaN on Sapphire substrate
Uable area: >90% >90% >90%
Polishing Standard: Single side polished, Option: Doulbe side polished
Packing Standard: each piece individual packed in one bag, class-100 clean bag, in class-1000 clean room

Sapphire is the most popular substrate material for GaN thin film growth. The advantages of GaN on Sapphire wafer are good chemical stability, no absorption of visible light, moderate price, and relatively mature manufacturing technology. But the thermal conductivity is relatively poor, suitable for use in the operation of low current devices.

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