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GaN on Sapphire wafer

GaN on Sapphire wafer

Main Parameter
Product Name GaN thin film on Sapphire wafer
Doping and Conductivity N-type Semi-Insulating/Fe-doped P-type/Mg-doped
Orientation: C-plane, <0001>
Standard dimension: Dia. 2"(50.8mm), 4"(100mm)
Standard Thickness: 430um
GaN thin film: 4.5um, 20um 4.5um, 20um 4.5um, 20um
Resistivity(300K): <0.05 ohm-cm, <0.1 ohm-cm >10E6 ohm-cm <10 ohm-cm
Dislocation density: <1x10E8 cm-2 <1x10E8 cm-2 <1x10E8 cm-2
Substrate GaN on Sapphire GaN on Sapphire GaN on Sapphire
Uable area: >90% >90% >90%
Polishing Standard: Single side polished, Option: Doulbe side polished

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