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Thermal oxide Silicon wafer

Thermal oxide Silicon wafer

Standard Specification

Product Name

Thermal oxide Silicon wafer (SiO2/Si)



Oxide thin film layer

50nm, 100nm,  300nm, 500nm, 1um, 2um, 3um, or others

Oxidation surface

Single-sided oxidation, Double-sided oxidation

Oxidation process

Dry oxygen, Wet oxygen, Dry and wet combination, 



Conductivity type

N-type/P-doped or P-type/B-doped


<100> or <111>

Diameter of Silicon wafer

2"(50.8mm), 3"(76.2mm), 4"(100mm), 6"(150mm), 8"(200mm), 12"(250mm)

Thickness of Silicon wafer

280um, 400um, 500um, 650um

Resistivity (Ohm-cm)

0.001~0.005, 0.01~0.05, 1~10, 20~30, >100, >5000, >10000


Single side polished or Double side polished

Surface Roughness

<5A (0.5nm)

The Thermal oxide Silicon wafer is growth an oxide layer(SiO2) on Silicon wafer, also name as SiO2/Si wafer. Growth a good quality oxide layer on the surface of Silicon wafer is important to the entire semiconductor integrated circuit fabrication process. 
The Thermal oxide SiO2 layer is not only as a masking layer for ion implantation or thermal diffusion, and also a passivation layer that protects the surface of the device from the surrounding environment. It's not just an electrically isolated insulation between the device and another device. It is also a major component of MOS processes and electrical isolation in multilayer metallization systems.

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