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CaF2 substrate, window

CaF2 substrate, window


 The main performance parameters

Crystal structure



3.18 (g/cm3)

Melting point


Refractive index

1.39908 at 5mm


0.0017g/100g (20℃ / water)

Transmission range


G hardness

158.3 (100)

Elastic coefficient

C11=164, C12=53, C44=33.7

Apparent elastic limit


Thermal conductivity

9.71 W/K.m

The coefficient of thermal expansion

18.85 * 10-6 / ℃

Crystal orientation

<100>, <111>±0.5º

Standard size (mm)

5x5mm, 10x10mm, Dia1"(25.4mm), Dia4"(100mm)

Or according to customer's requirements

Standard Thickness(mm)

0.5mm, 1.0mm, 2.0mm, 5.0mm, 


Single or double side polished


100 clean bags, 1000 clean room

The calcium fluoride(CaF2) crystal has a high transmittance in the range of 0.13~11.3 um, can reach 95%, with low stress birefringence (no obvious intrinsic birefringence in above 200nm), high refractive index uniformity, mechanical properties are stable, not deliquent, strong resistance to radiation damage etc. CaF2 crystal is an ideal material for making optical components such as optical windows, prisms and lenses.


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