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CdS substrate

CdS substrate



CdS substrate

Growth method


Crystal Structure :

Hexagonal system

Lattice constant:

a=4.1367;  c=6.7161

Melting point:

1287 ℃


4.821 g/cm3

Heat capacity(J /g.k)


Thermal expansion coefficient(10-6/K)

4.6 // a 2.5 // c

Thermal Conductivity( W /m.k at 300K )


Transparent wavelength( um)

2.5 ~ 15 (>71%)

Refractive index

1.708 (o) 1.723 (e)


 <0001> ±0.5º 

Standard Size

10x10x0.5mm, Dia 12x0.5mm, 5x5x0.5mm


One side polished or Two side polished


The semiconductor compound cadmium sulfide(CdS) has a photovoltaic effect and can be used to make a solar cell. Due to its special electrical, optical, semiconductor and optoelectronic properties, the CdS substrate has received extensive attention. The II - VI crystals are likely to be used for highlight shots in the near future. Their direct bandgap properties and wide range of transparency as well as a bandgap offer a wide range of possibilities for interesting equipment.


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